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Water Features

Make your backyard a relaxing sanctuary with our custom water features!

By adding a custom water feature, such as a waterfall or pond, you greatly enhance your outdoor living spaces. Whether you are a commercial or residential property owner, investing in a water feature will only increase your property value – and, more importantly, your enjoyment of your space.

Custom water features by GreenTouch Lawn & Tree are aesthetically-pleasing, plus they’ll transform your patio, backyard, or commercial courtyard into a tranquil space.

Custom Fountain & Pool Designs

Fountains, ponds and swimming pools add a special natural element to your yard. The key is to find the perfect custom fountain or pool designs to fit into your outdoor space. From rustic, to modern, to elegant, our landscape design team can present you with a variety of options for fountain and pool designs. We will work with you and the style of your home and property to create unique and beautiful fountain and swimming pool designs that will enhance your yard. Beyond appearances, we also create fountain, pond and pool designs that are functional and will fit into your lifestyle. You can view some of our pond, fountain and swimming pool designs on our gallery page.

Water Features, Fountains & Pool Designs That Seamlessly Fit Your Environment

While the water features we create are showstopping elements, we also take care to make sure that they blend into their surrounding environment. This way, your outdoor space will feel cohesive and well-thought out. To ensure that you have pond, fountain or pool designs that best fis your personality and lifestyle, we will work through all of the construction and design options with you. We will listen intently to what you want and make sure that is exactly what you get. The questions below help you get a sense for how the process works.

Enhancing Your Space With Beauty and Function

Think any carpenter or handyman can handle installation of your water features? This simply isn’t true, no matter how talented the craftsman. Creating water features is much different than other carpentry projects due to the intricacy involved with the construction process. Of course, other projects require focus and skill to execute, but when installing water features, very minute details — like the colors of rocks and flowers that will eventually surround the water features — are just as important as the measurements and angles.

Creating Long-Lasting Water Features

At GreenTouch Lawn & Tree, we have highly trained professionals who are committed to providing you with the best technology and design available for water features. Not only will we build your pond or waterfall, but we will counsel you on what flora and fauna would fare best in the pond and/or waterfall environment and offer tips regarding water feature maintenance. We also believe in helping our customers even after our job is technically done, so if you have any questions post-production, we’re always available.
Our water features installation foreman is considered one of the most knowledgeable specialists in Lawrence, KS.

Water Features FAQs

How long does it take to maintain water features?
Although ponds and waterfalls may seem high-maintenance additions at first, if running properly they should require less than an hour of upkeep a week.
I don’t have enough room for the pond but I want waterfall?
If you would like a waterfall but are concerned with having a pond in your backyard, don’t worry. Our water features expert also specialize in pond-free waterfalls.
Are mosquitoes a problem when I install water features?
A waterfall is a great way to reduce the amount of mosquitoes that may be living in or near your already existing pond. By having the water run continuously instead of remaining stagnant, the mosquitoes lose their breeding grounds and are forced to either die out or migrate. Yes, it’s true — your water features can be a form of pest control!
What about the sounds of water features — are they disruptive?
When determining the size of your waterfall you should keep in mind the sound you want to create. For a more subtle sound, consider a small waterfall with boulders at the bottom. For a more distinctive and pronounced effect, a taller waterfall that cascades directly into the pool would be ideal.