Although it’s winter now, spring is only a few months away — the perfect time to hire professional lawn care companies. Spring is precisely when you need to get lawn care services to seed your law, fix your soil’s pH, and help with dead tree removal.
Many folks have learned a few lawn care tips on their own, and so they prefer to work and sculpt their lawns themselves. Yet, improper care can lead to huge problems. They might make the soil less fertile for grass, or cause other issues that lead to an unattractive lawn.
It’s simply better to let lawn care services handle your yard. Here are some of the great things that they can do to make your lawn as beautiful as you want it to be!
1. Fix Uneven Ground.
The winter can make the ground in your yard incredibly uneven. The low spots cause drainage issues, while the higher spots in the yard will get scalped by low mower blades. These situations lead to terrible growing issues for grass, so you can have lawn care services dig and cut away the raised areas and fill the depressed spots in the yard.

2. Liming.
Once the yard is leveled out, it still may not be ready to have grass planted. It may have acquired higher acidic levels during winter, Grass requires a neutral pH to grow, so these conditions won’t allow grass to take root and grow healthily. Lawn care services will lime your yard, which isn’t a quick fix, but will surely correct the pH levels of your yard.

3. Overseeding.
Once your yard is ready to grow grass, you’ll surely want lawn care services to tackle those bare patches of ground. Between high traffic areas, dog spots, and possible neglect, many a bare patch can form. These can easily be remedied by a process called “overseeding,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Lawn care services will apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer to help the grass germinate. Then, five weeks later, they’ll add a quick-release nitrogen fertilizer to ensure that it grows tall and healthy.
These are just a few of the ways professional lawn care services can repair a yard in the spring for a healthy, gorgeous summer and fall. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.