If you’re like most homeowners, you no doubt take pride in how your lawn looks. After looking across the way to the neighbors’ perfectly groomed lawn, you may sit and wonder what you could do to help improve the look of your property. Before you get started, you’ll want to make sure that you have command of a few essential lawn care tips. These tips, which are used by some of the best professional lawn care companies out there, could help to prevent you from making a mistake that could ruin your yard.

  • Don’t Water Too Much – Companies with years of experience in providing lawn care services know the value of watering your lawn just enough. If you don’t give it enough water, it’ll naturally turn brown and die. On the other hand, if you water it too much, you could end up drowning it. If your yard feels like it’s oversaturated, be sure to give it a few days to absorb the water it already has, before watering again.
  • Plant Your Trees Tastefully – Yes, there actually are lawn care tips regarding how many trees you should plant. While the perfect amount of trees could help to reduce the ambient temperature in your yard by nine or 10 degrees, too many could end up blocking the sun entirely. Also, be sure to plant trees far enough away from the house. The last thing you’ll want to have to do is hire a company to bring their tree removal equipment over because there are roots pushing into the foundation of your house!
  • Use the Right Weedkiller – Certain kinds of weed killers are highly toxic. While that may seem redundant, it’s important to consider. Use the wrong one, and you could end up inadvertently harming plants that you don’t want to remove. Chemical-based weedkillers could also cause your pets or small children to get sick. When possible, stick with an organic weed remover.

Lawn care tips like these could save you a great deal of grief, frustration and anxiety. While you may not be able to solve every landscaping and lawn care problem on your own, you’ll at least be able to make sure that you don’t do any harm with the small tasks that you decide to take on.