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"Consistently great work provided. Your team just completed a redo of my patio, put up a pergola, gave your care to the beds, spectacular...and the guys, Trae, Brian, Terry, a thumbs up for their extra TLC they provided during the renovation."

- Deborah Swank

"The hardscape job that you just finished at our house is top notch. Your whole crew was professional, punctual, efficient, and very, very good at what they do. We are so pleased with the results and we are looking forward to working with you on future phases of our overall landscaping plan.!"

- Annie and Paul S., Lawrence, KS

"The patio looks amazing! I know there were many challenges on this project, but we are thrilled with the results. Bill and the other guys were always very professional and helpful. Thank you so much for all your hard work! We look forward to scheduling the dry creek bed and landscaping in the spring!"

- Karry and John S.

"Troy – Beth and Trevor said it looks great. I look forward to seeing it myself! Sure appreciate your time."

- Patricia L.

"One of our neighbors stopped Stephanie in the driveway and told her that our house is one the most beautiful in the neighborhood. I thought you might want to hear some of the responses."

- Paul A

"They were great!"

- Client in Prairie Village, KS

"It looks absolutely fantastic. Anytime you need a reference, please give them our number. You and your team has done it the correct way and right the first time. It looks great!!!!!! Please remember to have anyone that needs a referral call and ask for Don or Judy. Thanks again for the fantastic work."

- Don & Judy L.

"I think your guys did a great job. If I have work to do again I will call you first. Thanks."

- Jacob D

"I have to say that I am impressed with the young men who were involved with the completion of this job. They were kind, courteous, friendly, helpful, and most importantly neat. I have recommended your company to three people already. I just thought you should know how happy we are, not only with the results (our neighbors all compliment us!) but also with the process/people. Thank you."

- Ellen K

"The crew is finished, and the wall looks great! The guys were a pleasure to work with, and they did a great job. Thanks for the fantastic sidewalks and retaining walls"

- Jonathan

"Excellent job on my new sprinkler system. Troy, the owner, was a really great guy to work with. I heartly recommend the company."

- Client in Lawrence, KS

"I recently had a sprinkler system put in and the technicians were very helpful, responsive and gave me all the time in the world to ensure I understood the system and was able to ask all questions."

- Eric R.

"Thank you for hanging in there with me on the irrigation system. It looks very promising and I know will be in touch again. Thanks"

- Dick C

"I am really impressed with what appears to be some high-quality work in my yard. The guys have been awesome, especially Chris. Just looking at what they have done so far is very comforting. Might sound funny but this is all pretty cool to me. It’s gotta just be great having such trustable help."

- Kevin S.

"The sprinkler system was well designed and I appreciated the courtesy that Chris and others displayed throughout the project. Chris also provided understandable system operating training after completion of the installation. I would be happy to recommend you to others. Good luck with you continued success."

- Tom K.

"Troy, as a company, I think your price was reasonable, and your service is fair and friendly. As a boss of the company, you are quick to give feedback and nice to talk to. I am pretty happy with what you have done for us, and I will definitely recommend you to other friends of mine if they are interested in doing their lawns. We will need more service and advice as weather gets warmer. It’s okay to put me on the reference list. My email will be okay for the purpose. I usually don’t carry my cell phone with me. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions. I wish you all the luck in the world for a busier 2006. Thanks, and have a good evening."

- Xiufen B.

"Very professional and timely job ! Not the cheapest, but reasonable for the quality of work. 100% recommended."

- Client in Lenexa, KS

"Dmitriy, We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our sprinkler system. Our main concern about getting one was how much it would tear up our yard. With your new machine, the “damage” was minimal. Our lawn did not look like it just had a sprinkler system installed. And now, it looks greener than ever. Several of our neighbors have commented on the difference made by your sprinkler system. We also appreciated your fast installation and follow up. I’ve recommended you to several people, knowing you’ll provide them with the same high level of quality and service."

- Client in Lawrence, KS

"Thanks so much for the quick and professional service. It was a pleasure working with a company that returned calls in a timely fashion. The yard is looking great and we are very happy with the results."

- Jamie W. in Lawrence, KS

"The lawn seems to be filling in again nicely and I have backed the watering off to every other day now as it seemed pretty saturated now. Overall I am pleased with the new system and as the grass fills in and covers the sprays and valves I hope to have a lawn I can be proud of. The only part of the installation that concerns me just a bit is the placement of two of the valves in very close proximity to each other right in the middle of the front lawn. I will hope that the grass will eventually cover them well enough to not make it look like there is a ‘hole’ in the grass. Other than that I am well pleased with the job so far."

- John

"Your work was excellent. We have had absolutely no problem with water in our basement even with the record setting rain in August. As a matter of fact, our electricity went out for 1 1/2 hours during a downpour a couple of Saturdays ago. Our back-up sump pump was able to handle the water from the drain tile w/ ease. It’s like a miracle. We will definitely recommend your company to others. Thanks again"

- Kevin W.

"Initially I was concerned about the owner’s age b/c he looked so young, but he seemed so knowledgeable and professional that I believed in him. I’ll just say they were very good. The French drain solved the flooding problem."

- Client in Lawrence, KS

"Everything seems to be working as planned with the French drains – we got an inch of rain earlier this week and the water was all drained by the following morning. The grass seed is germinating and the sod, although not placed where you originally indicated, has taken hold and is also doing well. Overall, we are pleased with the outcome. Thanks!"

- Kathy E.

"Thanks, Troy. The French drain is working very well, and the sump pump has been keeping up ever since you guys put the drain and backfill in. All of the backfilling and the area around the AC look good too. I think your crew did a very good job. We were VERY happy the timing worked out so well with the rain coming back again yesterday afternoon. I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks again for working us into your schedule so quickly."

- Bill and Sonya

"Thanks Kathleen and also to the crew and Anthony! Yard looks great! After the heavy rain yesterday it appears the French drains are doing their job!"

- Jan D.

"You guys did an amazing job on our backyard drainage this past fall! Anthony and gang bravo! Not a spec of water in our house when people who never had water in their houses before got water due these past heavy rains. What peace you have brought us! We love the rock you put down and want to ad more to other areas in our backyard landscaping. Thank you!!!"

- Mary J.

"I woke up at 2am this morning and my whole backyard was a complete lake. More water than I have ever seen standing in my yard, of course we received 6 inches of rain by my estimates. When I went out in the yard at 6am this morning, nothing. Absolutely no standing water at all. Lots of mulch from the neighbors yards was piled up on the east side of the house, but no water. The outlet caps at the ends of the drains had been popped off, I am assuming from water pressure. I don’t mind seeing that because it gives me an assurance that water is actually coming out of the drains. I am positive that before you put the drains in I would have had 100s of gallons of standing water in my backyard and my sump pump would be running non-stop for days. The drains seem to be a success. Thanks."

- Eric

"Your team is GREAT! Beautiful job. I can’t even tell they were here. The yard looks fine. I think the water issues were addressed fully. Hope so anyway. Thanks!"

- Mary V.

"Thanks so much for the quick and professional service. It was a pleasure working with a company that returned calls in a timely fashion. The yard is looking great and we are very happy with the results."

- Jamie W. in Lawrence, KS

"I am really impressed with what appears to be some high-quality work in my yard. The guys have been awesome, especially Travis. Just looking at what they have done so far (after their first day out) is very comforting. Might sound funny but this is all pretty cool to me. It’s gotta just be great having such trustable help."

- Kevin S.

"I went by and looked at the decks and they look wonderful. Thanks to you and Dan. A job well done. Thanks"

- Kent A. Pennybaker

"The steps look fine and the fence is the right style. So far, so good. Only the fence facing the street is up so far, so my neighbor who has a dog is anxious to get the rest up. Hopefully today. The young men working on the project are very nice and are working hard."

- Catherine T.

"Troy–The fence looks great! Now, let’s plan out the sprinkler…"

- John W.

"Very professional and very nice. They did a fantastic job."

- Client in Edgerton, KS

"The pergola and arbor both look great! I’m very pleased with how it all looks, and once it starts to fill in it will really be spectacular. Your crew has been terrific – so nice and conscientious. The landscaping plan is gorgeous, thanks so much for all your hard work and patience. Troy – please use me as an enthusiastic reference anytime. I’m delighted for people to come by and look. Thanks again for an excellent job!"

- ~Carol in Lawrence KS