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Sprinkler Systems

Enjoy a lush, green lawn all summer, without dragging hoses all over the yard. The right automatic sprinkler system will do all the work for you and provide your family with many lasting benefits.

Our well-designed, properly installed and appropriately maintained sprinkler system is the most efficient way to keep your lawn, shrubs and gardens healthy. Not only will our system save you countless hours of precious time each summer, it will also:

  • Save money on your water bill because our sprinkler system uses water with maximum efficiency—much more efficiently than hand-watering methods and other automatic systems. Many homeowners using our sprinkler system save $700 or more each year!
  • Ensure full and precise coverage of your entire landscape, with no watering of your house or your neighbor’s yard, and no runoff.
  • Increase your property’s appraised value and curb appeal tremendously: your home’s value could increase by as much as 11.3% (according to Smart Money magazine)!
  • Remove yard maintenance “clutter” because there are no hoses or visible sprinkler with our system—our sprinklers pop up from the ground only when watering.
  • Save your shrubs and garden plants from the threat of summer drought. You can easily set the watering time to whenever you want. Our sprinkler system will water your entire yard, evenly and perfectly, every day—even when you’re away. No more sad surprises when you come back from out of town.

GreenTouch sprinkler service technicians are the best around. We offer custom lawn sprinkler installation systems to fit your lawn and budget. You will appreciate our 48 hour response time on sprinkler system repair for any brand, type, or size of system around.

Call today to see what a properly installed sprinkler system can do for your lawn.

  • Sprinkler System Design & Installation
  • Spring sprinkler system turn-on
  • Backflow device test and Report to City
  • Winterization
  • Sprinkler System Repair, Replacement, or Add-On

2 Year warranty and guarantee on all installation

GreenTouch Lawn & Tree is your local leader in lawn sprinkler system maintenance and our innovative service plans allow you to pick exactly what meets your individual needs the most.

Being a member of our Maintenance Program gives you the benefit of automatic priority scheduling. No need for you to call us to schedule each service. You can simply forget about your sprinkler system, knowing that it will be taken care of no matter what. And our online payment option is sure to make your experience more enjoyable.

Sprinkler System Winterization Description
  • Turn water off to sprinkler system.
  • Blow all parts free of water with compressed air.
  • Open all manual drains and faucets, if applicable.
Spring Sprinkler System Reactivation Description
  • Turn the water on to sprinkler system.
  • Inspect plumbing and main water source connection.
  • Perform backflow valve test (City requires it performed every spring by a certified technician).
  • Report the test results to the City Administration.
  • Activate controller, set watering schedule. Install new battery when applicable.
  • Test the rain sensor when applicable.
  • Test all underground electrical valves in system.
  • Check cleanliness of all lines, heads and nozzles. Trim sod from around all heads and flush as necessary.
  • Inspect and adjust each sprinkler head for proper coverage.
  • Repair line breaks and broken sprinklers if needed. Repair charges after expiration of initial installation warranty will be an additional billing for Silver members. (If your sprinkler system is under 1, 3 or 5-Year initial manufacturer’s warranty parts are replaced at no charge under conditions of a warranty agreement. Charges for labor are billed only after the initial 1-Year labor warranty is expired).
Summer Sprinkler System Checkup Description
  • Our signature “28 POINT SPRINKLER CHECK & FIX” report included!
  • Turn on and check controller and valves for proper operation.
  • Check and adjust sprinkler heads for proper coverage and water distribution. It will help for the entire sprinkler system to use water more efficiently.
  • Re-set controller for proper seasonal watering schedule. It will save you money by reducing your water bill.
  • Any necessary repairs are brought to your attention.
  • A $65 Value.

Unconditional Extended Warranty Description

It means that even if some parts of your sprinkler system are damaged by you, your mower or anybody else, we fix it at no cost to you whatsoever. We don’t question whether the repair is needed due to your fault or not – we just do it so you can forget about it! Any necessary repairs are done without your intervention or time spent. Just call or email us and you can rest assured it’s taken care of! Virtually everything related to your sprinkler system is our responsibility at no additional cost to you. Your parts and labor rate are zero. It works just like full coverage insurance for your sprinkler system without any deductible! No matter how many parts have to be replaced or how much labor is needed, you don’t get charged a cent—you are 100% covered!

This is absolutely the best value on the market! Guaranteed!

Satisfaction Guarantee

GreenTouch Lawn & Tree works hard to complete your sprinkler system project on time, on budget and to the agreed-upon specifications. Our goal is 100% satisfaction. When you combine GreenTouch’s high-quality work with our outstanding customer service and exceptional warranties, we’re sure that you will agree that we provide excellent value.