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Residential & Commercial Lawn Service


Our turf managers will give you the superior personalized attention you would expect from a local lawn & tree company. They have had extensive training and are licensed to apply pesticides and perform other services such as lawn aeration. Your satisfaction is our priority and we are dedicated to improving the health and look of your lawn and landscape. If at any time you should have any questions or concerns about our service please do not hesitate to call. And remember, we will come out between applications FREE of charge to treat any persistent weeds.

Proper lawn care can turn an attractive house into a beautiful property.

The GreenTouch annual lawn program offers lawn aeration services, as well as complete fertilizer and weed control options for your lawn. Applications Include:

  • Basic Care – 4 Application Program
  • Total Care – 7 Application Program
  • A combination of liquid and granular fertilizers to maximize the health and beauty of your entire property
  • Two Pre-Emergent applications for superior crabgrass control
  • Full Treatment of any and all weeds throughout your lawn
  • Yellow Nutsedge and grub control with our Complete Care program
  • Full lawn assessment with every application and suggestions to enhance your lawn and landscape



Your landscape conveys an image to your customers, tenants and visitors, so make that first impression a positive one with commercial landscape services for GreenTouch Lawn & Tree. We provide commercial lawn service, tree & shrub care, yard aeration, and landscape management services to enhance the appearance of commercial properties and maintain your property.

Our wide range of commercial lawn care services provide lush landscapes for all types of commercial properties, including lawn care and landscape renovation & updating, including seeding and sod, seasonal flower planting, lawn aeration, tree & shrub care, and landscape bed maintenance. We make sure to keep your property free of weeds and encourage healthy growth with fertilizer & weed control and vegetation control. In addition, we perform snow and ice removal services.

hedging and bushes are part of commercial lawn care services

Our experienced and dedicated commercial account managers work to create a customized landscape management program to accommodate your unique needs and fit your budget. At GreenTouch Lawn & Tree, we are proud to serve the needs of corporate centers, offices, motels, hospitals, retail properties, homeowner’s associations, apartment communities, and other commercial and industrial facilities.

If you want to improve the landscape of your commercial property or need regular commercial lawn care services to keep your landscape looking great, we offer professional services that are tailored to your specific requirements. You can read more about our commercial landscape services in Lawrence, KS and Topeka, KS on our website. Contact us to learn how we can help you achieve your landscape goals.

Emergency Storm Damage

In the event of a strong storm GreenTouch has 24 hour service capabilities to remove debris and repair damaged trees. Please call our office, if no one is available please leave a message and we will get back to you asap in the order of calls received. We will provide fast service to our residential customers, business, municipalities, and other government agencies.

Tree Removal

If the tree is dead or creating a safety hazard we will give you an itemized estimate for our tree removal services. GreenTouch are experts at safe tree and tree root removal for the most difficult trees by using proper equipment to minimize the impact on your lawn and landscape around the tree.

Stump Grinding

GreenTouch can grind or remove any stump in just about any location. We have equipment that will fit into fenced back yards and work on slopes. We will give you options to grind the stump, remove the chips from grinding the stump, install topsoil back into the hole, seed or sod, and even install a new tree. We have public utilities located before we grind any stump. If you have any private utilities or sprinkler systems in the area of the stump please let us know.

Tree & Shrub Pruning and Trimming

The are many reasons to have your trees pruned. This can include health, safety, appearance of the tree in your landscape, damage repair, and more. The goal of our certified arborists when pruning a tree is to develop a strong healthy tree capable of withstanding our area storms and providing the best appearance for your landscape. Routine pruning can be a much less expensive than the removal cost or damage that an unmaintained tree can cause.

Emerald Ash Borer Control

The Emerald Ash Borer has not yet been found in our immediate area of Lawrence and Topeka, however, it was found in July of 2012 in the northern Kansas City area. This insect has killed thousands of trees in multiple states to our east and we are ready to begin preventative treatment as it enters our area. We are recommending a one time annual application to prevent the infestation of Emerald Ash Borer. If you have Ash trees please call or email for more details. We can put your on our list to contact when this pest moves into our area.

Tree Iron Injections

Iron Chlorosis, the yellowing of leaves, is mostly seen in Oak and Birch trees and is caused by a deficiency of iron and other nutrients. GreenTouch can inject nutrients into the trunk of the tree curing this problem.

Deep Root Fertilization

This is a part of your total Plant Health Care program. Many trees and shrubs in an urban landscape setting are not in an environment that returns the required nutrients back into the soil. Deep root fertilization provides the required nutrients to help your trees and shrubs thrive.

Debris Hauling

GreenTouch can haul off storm damage debris, brush piles, and more.

Land & Lot Clearing

GreenTouch has the ability to selectively remove trees from a development site, haul off, and prep the site for building. We also have the equipment and experience on 1000’s of acres to complete your total land clearing and vegetation management projects using tree shears or forestry mowers.

Deep Root Watering - With Yucca!

We all know that watering trees and shrubs during the heat of the summer keeps them healthy, however, many of us don’t think about them during the winter. With the dry fall and winter that we have had the past two years our trees and shrubs are undergoing severe stress from lack of water. Since its not practical to drag hoses into your lawn during the winter GreenTouch can bring their water tank trunk and deeply water those trees and shrubs with a yucca extract that aids the tree in using the water and creating a better stress resistance. We do this monthly during November, December, January, and February. Call today for more information.