Paver Patios

Breathtaking Paver Patios for Your Lawrence or Topeka Home

A paver patio from GreenTouch Lawn & Tree can turn your backyard into your own private oasis of outdoor living luxury. Pavers are a great alternative to standard concrete. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also structurally sound.

An Outdoor Living Space to Last a Lifetime

An Outdoor Living Space to Last a Lifetime
Patios are quickly becoming second family rooms for many Kansas families. What better way to take advantage of the warm summer months than enjoying your backyard with barbecues, bonfires, or just relaxing on your patio furniture?

Patio Design and Construction

With GreenTouch Lawn & Tree’s custom patio design and construction services, your imagination is the limit. We consider your aesthetic taste, personal style and preferred budget and you get the paver patio of your dreams.


What is the white blush that occasionally appears on a paver?

The white on top of any concrete product is generally referred to as efflorescence. Efflorescence is free lime generated by both the cement and the aggregates within the product. Generally, during the first few months of production these calcium deposits work through the products from the inside to the top surface of the pavers. In time, through the natural weathering process, this deposit wears off.

Will weeds grow through the joints of pavers?

We have found that occasionally there is some growth that happens in the joints of the pavers, generally a result of wind-carried seeds (weeds do not actually grow up from underneath the pavers). Any type of systemic weed killer can be applied without damaging the pavers. Many weeds are easily pulled by hand.

Can we put de-icing salt on the pavers?

Yes, de-icing salts will not damage the pavers; the absorption rate is so low that very little salt will penetrate the pavers. (Salt penetrating concrete is what causes scaling.) Though excessive de-icing salt can stain the pavers, these stains will wear off with time.

Does the color fade?

Generally, the paver color tends to lighten over time. This is caused by surface wear and natural pollutants.

Will the compactor scar the surface of the paver?

Due to compaction, which is a necessary construction process, slight scuffing does occur. We fasten a rubber pad to the compactor to eliminate most of this. What little does occur will blend in naturally over time.

Will the pavers break under heavy traffic such as a garbage truck or moving van?

The driveway pavers are very strong. In fact, pavers are twice as strong as ordinary concrete. An ALL-N-1 Landscape Paver Driveway is designed to withstand the weight of a moving van or garbage truck. If you need to bring a very heavy truck (such as a cement truck) onto the drive, contact us for information on how to protect the drive.

Will there be a consistent blend during the installation of the pavers?

To ensure a consistent blend, our installers pull pavers from multiple cubes to assure no clustering of colors. After all the pavers are laid, we inspect the project and move pavers if necessary to ensure a consistent blend.

We like the pavers when they are wet. How can we keep them looking that way?

Sealers will give your pavers a wet look. Sealers are not needed for the protection of the pavers, only for maintaining this wet look if you desire it. Sealers should only be applied after the paver installation has weathered one winter. This is to ensure that all efflorescence has worn off. We recommend an acrylic penetrating sealer. This has a life of approximately 2-4 years. The sealer can be reapplied in the future. Call us for more details.