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Drainage Solutions

Landscape Drainage Solutions in Topeka & Lawrence, KS

Excess water can be as detrimental to your lawn as drought. When you add inadequate drainage into the equation, you have a real problem. Not only is your land left nearly unusable, but excess water can lead to property damage, instability in your home’s foundation and costly repairs. Our water and drainage professionals will explore a variety of methods to help solve your water problems even before they occur.

Circumvent potential water damage by installing a drainage solution ahead of time.

Acting sooner rather than later is the best plan to prevent water damage.
We can help you avoid problems in many ways, such as installing downspouts or dry creek beds, which can turn your water troubles into beautiful waterfalls and streams; diverting water runoff using systems such as French drains; and create trenching designed to prevent water from collecting in your basement. Our drainage experts also have an extensive knowledge of grading and trenching techniques that will help restructure your landscape and getting rid of the excess water.

We’ll make sure your specific drainage solution is exactly that: a solution.

All of our drainage work is guaranteed to eliminate your water problems and provide you with hassle-free enjoyment. Not only will you receive an excellent drainage solution, but also our assurance that the excess water will not return