Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are you have heard of homeopathic or nontraditional medicine. Americans typically associate this kind of medicine with herbs, flowers, and spices, but very few know that something vastly more simple — that doesn’t involve harvesting of any kind — may also be beneficial for the mind, body, and soul. Avid believers in homeopathic medicine will tell you that by merely walking on grass (yes, really!), you are promoting overall wellness and health. Here are the top benefits.

Drastically Lower Your Blood Pressure

“Studies show by stimulating the nerve finish on the base of the feet, we can reduce blood pressure and the parasympathetic fight response of the body,” natural health experts and professional lawn care companies reveal. In other words, although it is certainly not a replacement for reducing your salt intake and taking things easy, walking on perfectly kept grass may help you relax and easily lower blood pressure.

Can Walking On Grass Improve Your Eyesight?

Americans shell out $30 billion on lawn care each and every year, and with good reason. Not only can an immaculate lawn increase curb appeal and your chances of selling your home, some health experts suggest it may also help you see better. Allegedly, nerves in our feet also connect to our eyes, meaning that you stimulate both when you walk barefoot on the grass. Green is also a soothing color to look at, lawn care services explain.

Walk Your Way To Healthier Feet (Hint: You’ll Need To Do It Barefoot!)

Installing a sprinkler system or sprinkler system repair won’t just benefit your lawn, it may also benefit your health. Sprinklers water grass evenly and completely, preventing dead or dying grass. Walking barefoot on a healthy lawn will also initially be tough on your feet. After calluses heal, however, you are less likely to develop new ones — and you will have the ability to walk more places without hurting and/or physically marring your feet. Call lawn care companies for more information.

Homeopathic medicine makes health easy, and — if there is even a shred of truth in it — something as simple as walking in the grass without shoes may have a whole slew of health benefits.