Winter is coming. Are you ready?

Here at Green Touch lawn care and tree removal, we want to help you get ready for winter. We’ve seen firsthand just how much damage can be caused by neglected limbs and trunks. Dead limbs aren’t just bad for your trees, they can cause lasting damage to your roof and put automobiles and people at risk as well.

If you aren’t sure whether your trees are ready for winter, take a walk around the perimeter of your house and take a look:

Do you have any limbs hanging down or rubbing against the roof? Dead branches rubbing against shingles can cause lasting damage. Rain and snow leaking into your attic or crawlspace can cause mold, mildew, and even wood rot. Not to mention the damage to your winter insulation – a potential financial disaster.

Do your trees have any dead sections of trunk or rotten limbs? Dead sections put a huge strain on your trees, forcing them to divert limited winter resources from the healthy parts of the tree as they try to repair (often incurable) damage. Plus, even if they aren’t touching the house, dead branches can easily drop in high winds or under the weight of fresh snow, endangering automobiles, people, and blocking exits. Removal can be expensive, and, at certain high-volume times of the year, leave you stranded for hours or days.

Here’s the thing: dead, rotting limbs and branches aren’t only a hazard to your home. Dropped limbs can land on power lines and other utilities, knocking out power to your home and your neighbors’ during the coldest time of the year. Damage like that puts children and the elderly at risk, and electrical fires and loose live wires are major hazards.

That’s why we recommend a proactive approach. Keep an eye on the health of your trees, no matter where they’re located on the property. And be proactive about caring for their health – damage can usually be minimized by having someone come out to look sooner rather than later.

Addressing these risky situations before they cause damage is almost always the more affordable and convenient option. By carefully trimming away the dead limbs and trunk sections, you won’t just be protecting your home and personal property. You’ll also be removing an unnecessary strain on the tree’s limited winter resources, and, by next spring, they’ll be healthier than before, with lusher, fuller leaves and buds.

If you are concerned about the health of your trees, and want to protect yourself from unexpected damages and expense this winter, please feel free to get in touch with one of our customer service representatives in Lawrence or Topeka, KS for a quote, or set up a time for one of our experienced lawn and tree care experts to come out and walk your property. We’ll talk to you about your options, and help you develop a plan of action that’s customized for your property – and your budget.