There are a few things you can do weekly to improve the look of your lawn and prevent the need for recovery work to get a damaged lawn back in prime condition. Follow these tips and best practices for a greener, healthier lawn!


A healthy lawn requires a Spring feed that’s rich in nitrogen and supplemented with phosphates and potash. One feed a year isn’t enough, however – if your lawn is looking a bit poor, a Summer feed rich in nitrogen fertilizer should help out. In the fall, your feed should focus more on phosphates and potash, possibly supplemented with a worm killer and disease preventative.

Watering Your Lawn

Spring showers are usually enough to keep your lawn well-watered, but occasional dry spells in late spring and summer can sometimes rear their heads. Signs of drought include color change from green to straw or brown. When you water your lawn, do it early or late in the day when it is the coolest, and preferably with a rotary sprinkler. Watering your lawn once a week should be sufficient unless it is extremely hot and dry.

Weed Control

A well-established lawn laid with good quality seed and turf requires good lawn care management to keep it healthy. Appropriate mowing at the correct height, and watering at the first hints of a dry spell are both good practices. You can fight off weeds with scarifying, which also promotes lawn growth. Using good fertilizer helps control weeds and keeps the grass strong. Worm casts usually invite weed seeds, so wom control is also a necessity.

Mowing Your Lawn

In order to keep your lawn looking attractive and eye-catching, you should mow regularly from March to October with sharp blades that aren’t set too low. The best time to mow is when the grass is dry, to reduce clogging. Move the mower in a constant direction at a steady pace, and resist the urge to move it back and forth like a vacuum. When new grass reaches 2” or 3” in height, the top 2 inches can be carefully mowed.

Call a Professional

Following these tips and best practices will help keep your lawn green and healthy. For best results, contact the professionals at Greentouch Lawn & Tree – they’ll make sure your lawn is the envy of all your neighbors!