Professional Lawn Services Can Put Up Your Holiday Decorations For You


Every year, U.S. families spend as much as $30 billion on lawn and landscaping services. Relatively few Americans realize that lawn care is not limited to watering and fertilizing grass and plants, dead tree removal, and sprinkler system repair. In fact, some of the best lawn care companies can help you with some surprising things -- like putting up your holiday lights and decorations. Why should you consider professional lawn care services for your holiday decorating needs?


Keeping Up With The Joneses Takes A Lot Of Time


Just about everyone is familiar with the newest movie version of Dr. Seuss's How The Grinch Stole Christmas and the house-decorating contest between the Who family and their neighbor, Martha May. The contest is, undoubtedly, supposed to make us laugh -- and perhaps because there is an element of truth to it. Simply put, you don't want your Christmas decorations to look like a lone, twinkling candle next your neighbors' inspired winter wonderland. The solution is simple: hire a professional to do it.


Professionals can work wonders in just a few short hours. Holiday lights will neatly and beautifully wrap around your roof, railing, and/or windows, and you personally will not have to spend valuable time untangling wires and desperately searching for extension cords.


All Lights And Holiday Decorations Will Be Safe And Sound


Holiday lights cause more fires than you think. Installing holiday lights and other holiday decorations incorrectly can be dangerous. (You should never, for example, use indoor-only lights outdoors or attach lights with fasteners that may tear or damage wires, like staples.) Professionals will see to it that they use exactly the right lights and decorations (ones that are specified for and safe for outdoor use), and they use the right tools and equipment to get the job done in the first place, too.


While They're There, You Can Ask Companies To Make This Quick, Winter-Time Fix


An efficient sprinkler system can water specific portions of your yard at specific times. In addition to upgrades and sprinkler system repair, homeowners should also carefully winterize lawn sprinkler systems. This will prevent systems from freezing or breaking during chilly (and sometimes frigid) winter mornings.


Lawn care doesn't necessarily have to be 100% straightforward. The same companies who help you keep a perfectly manicured lawn can also help you design and maintain an enviable holiday light and decorations display!