How to Care For Your Lawn


The way your lawn looks can say a lot about you to the rest of the world. However, sometimes no matter how often you water, re-seed, mow, and weed, your lawn never seems to look the way you want it to. And you aren't alone: Americans spend an estimated $30 billion on lawn care every year. However, thanks to a variety of professional lawn care services, from inground sprinkler systems to fertilization, that perfect green lawn is easier than ever to attain.

An estimated 30 to 60% of all residential water is used outdoors to care for lawns and landscaping, and as much as seven billion gallons of water are used everyday for residential lawn irrigation. With so much water clearly needed to keep a lawn lush and healthy, it is important to use water carefully. With a sprinkler system installation, such a task becomes both possible and simple. After being installed by a professional lawn care service, your sprinkler system will allow you to choose when your lawn is watered automatically, set specific times for irrigation, and monitor how long the system runs. This allows you to ensure that your lawn is always watered in spite of other demands on your schedule, that your lawn is irrigated at the times it needs the most water, and that you can control the amount of water your sprinklers emit to avoid water waste. Additionally, you can use garden sprinkler systems to care for the rest of your yard.

After your sprinkler system installation, you should also consider fertilizing your lawn. An estimated three million tons of fertilizer are used on lawns in the United States every year, but if you are concerned about creating quality results, consider having a professional fertilize your lawn for you. Professional lawn fertilization will allow your lawn to grow green and healthy without the risk of dry, brown and unhealthy grass. This, along with a sprinkler system installation, can help create the green lawn you've always wanted that will leave your neighborhood in awe.